Ethical guidelines

  1. The insurance broker always works in the best interests of clients.
  2. The insurance broker is always independent from insurance companies.
  3. The insurance broker always behaves as a reliable and valued partner.
  4. The insurance broker’s performance always satisfies the necessary requirement for business transparency, without compromising the obligation to preserve confidentiality of information received.
  5. The insurance broker has the required skills and qualifications for his/her assignments.
  6. The insurance broker continually maintains and develops his/her professional skills.
  7. The insurance broker carries out his/her duties with care in accordance with good insurance broking practice.
  8. The insurance broker’s activity is directed towards maintaining and enhancing a good professional reputation on the market.
  9. The insurance broker treats competitors fairly and with proper respect.
  10. The insurance broker always has a written agreement with each client recording the services for which he/she is employed.
  11. The insurance broker always has a power of attorney signed by each client as necessary to deliver the required duties.
  12. The insurance broker’s fee is always paid by the client.
  13. The insurance broker acts with integrity and in equal good faith with all insurance companies and expects reciprocal treatment from them.
  14. The insurance broker rigorously conforms to all laws and regulations.